Website development cost in india

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Website development cost in India?

So, How much “Website Development cost in India,” actually this question has no perfect answer. There are lots of ways to Develop a Website, and every track has different costs depending on their cost factors.

There is no specific price for website development. But you can assume by calculating the assumptions of various factors. The cost of website making depends on you, and if you are looking for a well-maintained website, then the price will be different and the same as with other specifications.

How much the website costs also depend on the vendor you are choosing. If you are hiring a professional, then he/she would charge high, and if you go for some local website developer, then the fees of the website developer will be cheaper as compared to professionals.

When you are building a website, then you need to remember something that there are two kinds of costs included in that: 1. One-time cost 2. Reoccurring cost.

Here One time cost means the cost that you have to pay only once (until you want to make changes).

And Reoccurring cost means that you need to pay every month or every year.

Steps with their Cost

There is no exact cost for website development in India. So, we are going to break down the steps and include the price of each step. Then you will be going to know how much you need to pay for a single step. I will also give the links of options for those steps, and I will only recommend those which I have used or using till now. So, let’s start step by step.

Domain Name – Reoccurring Cost

The domain name is the address for your website, like when you want to go to google, then you type for So, here is the domain name.

Domain Name
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The first thing in the way of building a website starts with Domain Name. You can buy the domain from various places like in India the most famous domain sellers are GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, HostGator. The prices from all of them can be different, so choose carefully. Nowadays, all registrars let you manage the Advance DNS, emails, hosting, and databases. A domain can cost up to Rs.600-900/year.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap
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Hosting – Reoccurring Cost

Hosting is the place where all the files get stored. If the better will be the hosting, then the better will be the website. It can be known as the home for your website.

Hosting is also an important and essential task to select the best hosting for you. The hosting provider host your website on the web. The hosting helps a lot to get website rank on search engines. So I will highly recommend you to go for premium hosting providers like Siteground, NameCheap, HostGator, GreenGeeks, and A2 hosting.

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There are numerous ways to host your website on the Internet as you can go for Shared Hosting like I am using Namecheap Shared hosting. You can also go for VPS(Virtual Private Server) in case your website is your business platform, and you got some high traffic regularly. At last, if you have a lot of traffic daily using a lot of bandwidth, then you have to go for a Dedicated Server.

  • Shared Hosting – 1000-7000/year
  • VPS – 40,000-1,00,000/year
  • Dedicated Server – 50,000-5,00,000/year
NameCheap hosting
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In my opinion, Namecheap is a good option for everyone because their Dedicated server didn’t cost much, and they have a great support system.

Web-Design – One Time Cost

Web-design means the interface of the website. Looks matter a lot in case of professional business website.

There are two kinds of website one is a Static Website, and another one is Dynamic Website. Static Websites are those websites that do not need to update regularly, and Dynamic Websites are those who update periodically. The regular updates are done via the CMS(Content Management System). The static website doesn’t work on CMS but Dynamic will.

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A dynamic website like blogging needs CMS because they will be updated daily or twice or thrice in a week. Some of the most popular platforms are WordPress, Magneto, Joomla. Today in 2020, approx 70% of total websites are developed by using WordPress

WordPress Security Tips and Tricks

Web-Designing is the step which costs a lot. Sometimes the cost of website designing is more than everything else. You can go for a Web Design Company either you can hire a web-designer to design your website. You need to choose the design from his given catalog, or you can hire a professional web-designer to create your website according to you, and they will now cost even more than before. You can also design your website on your own but, in that case, you need to do in via WordPress. In WordPress, you will need WordPress themes. A good theme can cost 50-250$. Some of the best WordPress themes are Divi and Generate Press. I have used Divi to make this website.

  • Professional Web-Designer – 50,000-3,00,000
  • WordPress Themes
    • Divi – 249$ Lifetime Access with unlimited Websites
    • Generate Press – 49$ Lifetime Access with unlimited Websites
Divi WordPress Theme
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Content Copyrighting – Optional

If you are willing to make a site then you have thinking about content. As it is an old saying that Content is the King. Content plays the most important role on the website.

If you wanted to increase the traffic on your site then an awesome content is needed. Here Copyrighted Content means unique content. If you can write your own content then there is no need to hire a professional writer. We need a professional writer or unique content because the content is the thing that holds the customer or reader. Content is the second and most important thing that holds the reader to your site. So you need to hire some of the professional writers or if you are good enough to write on your own then there is no need for anyone.

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But there are lots of differences in print writing and online writing. The motives are also different here. In web-writing, the first main motive is to gather much popularity my writing SEO Friendly articles. Here you need to write short and Attractive Titles, you need to add more and more keywords to rank on better positions and you need to think twice that it would not leave a bad impact on my social existence. So, that’s why you have to hire some professional SEO friendly content writer for your website. The content writer charges Rs.0.45-2.00/word. If you need some good and engaging content then you should go to 3000 words per post.

You can hire some good content writers from Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.,.

Professional Content Writer – Rs.2500-5000/post

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – Optional but Recommended

SEO means search engine optimization. When we do SEO we index all our pages to search engines. So that search engines show our site as a result.

This step is the crucial one and one the most important. SEO is the technique with which you can increase your website traffic from 0 to millions of users per day. There are four kinds of SEO ON-Site SEO, OFF-Site SEO, ON-Page SEO, and OFF-Page SEO. You need to analyze which one suits you or you want to mix. In SEO the expert insert keywords to our content and search engine show our website when someone hits that keyword in their search.

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This is a professional task and should only be done by SEO Experts. This won’t be done in 1 day or week it requires at least 6-8 months to appear the effect of SEO. So be patient when you order any of the SEO services for your Website.

SEO Expert- 10,000-50,000/website

Email Newsletter – Optional

Email Newsletter help site owner to update their subscribers about new updated content in the website.

Email newsletter
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Email Newsletters can be sent automatically by various sites. One of the best examples is MailChimp. I am also using mail chimp to send automated emails about my new updates to my Subscribers. This works automatically by connecting API. By connecting API, MailChimp collects your subscribers, and to notify the subscribers about new updates, MailChimp uses RSS Feed. There are a lot of packages in MailChimp. If you have a low number of subscribers, then you can go with their free plan in starting, which will let you send newsletters to 2000 subscribers. but it has some limitations too. A Newsletter can be used to build a community.

MailChimp Essentials – 770/month

Social Media Marketing – Optional

Social Media Marketing means promoting your business or anything on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc..

There are more IDs on the social media platform then the number of peoples on the earth. Peoples just chill by scrolling the feed section of the social media platforms. Social Media can be one of the essential parts of your success if you use it wisely. By using social media, you can build your Social Identification, and Search Engines marks those as a good sign. In Social Media Marketing, you need to set up your accounts and update them regularly, like your business.

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Regular updates create engagement with the public, and when you started getting the people, you will going to get conversions soon. There are plenty of Freelancers whose primary business is just to manage Social Media Platforms of the companies or individuals. They will regularly update your social media account as your business updated. Being a social media influencer is a good sign for your business and as well as for society.

Social Media Manager – 5000-20,000/year

Responsiveness – Optional – Recommended

Responsive means your website can open seamlessly on any device without getting any problem in structure.

If you want that anyone can visit your website, then your website should be responsive. It recommended because if you are living in a country like India, 75% of the population uses mobile devices to visit websites. So the website needs to be responsive and should work on every device irrespective of its screen size.

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To make a responsive page you need to have some knowledge of CSS and media queries or incorporation of CSS frameworks like bootstrap, flex, etc. and hence it costs you more. In layman words, responsive means your site should be able to run on every kind of devices such as Laptop, Pc, Mobile, Tablet, etc..

CSS expert – 3000-5000/site

Navigation Structure – Optional – Recommended

A clean and consistent navigation structure is the backbone of the relevant website. It allows your visitors to make a perfect suggestion that where they would find their specific information. Building such a clean navigator needs a careful understanding of human behavior and adapt to such structuring.

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Making such customized navigation adds to website costs. Just, for example, if you are opting for a smart collapsible menu, it will cost you more. If you include images and icons in that same elegant collapsible menu design, it costs you more. The cost will depend on the simplicity/complexity and design you are choosing for your website header. You can hire a custom header designer from Fiverr or Freelancer.

The Navigation Designer – 5000-10,000/site

Special Functionality – Optional

The Special Feature in your website in known and special Functionality.

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Move from normal website A custom functionality website cost different. Only because of the Custom Functionality like a tool website. The cost of making tool and managing them increase the price accordingly. The functionality of tool also matters like how complex is that or how much simple that was. Special Functionality also contain additional features of website like Live Support, Online Troubleshooting, etc.. Integrating your website to get some feature from other website also comes in Special Functionality.

Cost is not Fixed It can be 1000-10,000 or 20,000/function

E-Commerce – Optional

You can sell the products or your services online by adding e-commerce.

You can either make a full eCommerce website or you can add eCommerce to your existing website. Adding eCommerce me you need to add a lot of products to your website by adding catalog and updating them regularly. This needs to be integrated with Payment Gateway where you need to add your withdrawal options.

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You also need to get the cart integration so that people can add products in the cart to purchase all of them in one go. So this can cost too. E-commerce takes much time too because the developer has to add the products and then testing needs much time too because if the e-commerce won’t work then there will be no profit. So to earn profit you need to invest some money.

Developer Cost – 10,000-50,000/site

Training Cost – Optional

If your website is your business website and It was big. Then your employees need to be trained about how to use your website or you need to outsource the Skilled Employees and that will increase the cost. If you are going for CMS then, CMS will provide you its user guide. But your employees need to be trained in that case too. CMS needs a knowledgeable user who can handle it carefully. If any kind of mistake were marked via the Employee or the Owner it can cost up to full website down. So it will be more relevant to train your Employees.

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Other Additional Website Needs

  1. Well-Designed Logo and Favicon – Recommended
  2. SSL Certificate– Recommended
  3. Business/Professional Email – Recommended
  4. Original Images and Gifs
  5. Banners
  6. Premium Fonts
  7. Customized videos for YouTube
  8. Info-graphics – Recommended
  9. Annual maintenance cost (AMC)
  10. Advertisement

These kind of services are having different prices if you are dealing with different vendors or Freelancers.

Where to buy Website

There are a lot of sources from where you can buy Website. Keep in mind that always buy the website from authorized website or person. In 2020, there a lot of spam sites and span persons who take money and then they will not give to anything. So buy from trusted sources like:-

  • Website/Software Building Agency
  • Freelancing Website
  • Custom Web-Developer
  • Website Builder Services

Website/Software Building Agency

A lot of money is needed if you are going for the Website/Software Building Agency because A Website/Software Building Agency does perfect work as they are charging 10x more then a Freelancer. They can cost from Rs.3,00,000 to no limit. As your requirements increase their price will increase. No doubt if you are willing to build complex software then you should go for the Website/Software Building Agency.

Freelancing Website

If you just want an online appearance in the face of a blog or a one-page website then this will be the best option for everyone. A freelancer can create a website in Rs.5,000 to 25,000. The price will increase if you want to change and modify the designs. There are a number of websites who are offering Freelancers such as:-

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Toptal
  5. Simplyhired,
  6. Peopleperhour
  7. Aquent
  8. Crowded
  9. The creative group
  10. 99design
  11. Nexxt

Custom Web-Developer

A custom Web-Developer is a good option if you want to go on less hard projects. There are A lot of Custom We-Developer who can make a Custom Website for you in approx 1,00,000-2,50,000/website. Now a days, custom Developers are also give after sales services such as yearly maintenance, SEO, Graphic Designing all includeing in the same cost. It will help you to save some money from Website/Software Building Agency. You can find the custom web-developer in your contacts and that will save you more money because of relations.

Website Builder Services

Basically Website Builders Services are online platforms where you can build your own website. It will be really easy for anyone because most of the time you just need to drag and drop the contents you want. This is much simple and easy as baby feeding. There are plenty of Website Builder Services some are:-

  • Wix
  • GoDaddy Website Builder
  • WordPress

Some of them here are free and some may cost to build you website as WordPress, Wix and Weebly are free. You can just go their and start building your website. Once you finish your website building then you need to upload it to hosting and then your site will be live on the internet.

If you want to build an E-Commerce website here with Website Builder Services then have to go with Shopify and BigCommerce. You can also make it via WordPress and in WordPress you need to install Woo-Commerce to proceed.

Their are some disadvantages of these Website Builder Services too. If you lost the control over the website then their is no way to get that back until and unless you have take a backup.


After reading this you maybe well informed that how much the website development cost according to your need. If you are looking for a Freelancer to build your website then you can contact us at our support we can make you a WordPress website in just 3 days with all the essential plugins and premium theme.

Website development cost in india
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