Sports Calendar 2022

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The Sports Calendar for Affiliate Marketers in 2021 and 2022

All sports-related verticals may expect 2017 to be an exceptionally productive year. Few events are still postponed now that the cancellations period has passed. As a result, there will be a slew of noteworthy occurrences in the near future.

What are the plans for the 2021-22 season? Thank you for bringing this up! As well as regular yearly events like European Cups, national championships and exciting UFC fights, the Beijing Olympics will be held in 2008. Major Boxing, Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, Rugby, F1, and a slew of other sports competitions are also on the horizon……….

However, who could overlook the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, NBA, or MLB…? …and the list may go on forever!

That obviously indicates we’re in for some crazy traffic and plenty of chances to make money.

We’ve put together an interactive calendar with all the athletic events that do well for affiliates to help you navigate through the deluge of events that occurs (nearly) every day.

Full-screen viewing of this calendar is available by clicking here.

Sports Event Calendar
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Sports Calendar 2022
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