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Flipkart Affiliate Program

By-Naman Agarwal

June 7, 2020

We all are eagerly waiting for Flipkart Affiliate Program to open. But Flipkart isn’t starting their Flipkart Affiliate program yet because of some reason. Maybe they are not ready to start Flipkart Affiliate.

To know when they will open the Flipkart Affiliate Program registration, I sent them a mail regarding all the queries. So they responded to me with this mail as shown below:

Flipkart Affiliate Program Mail Response
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Now, as we can see, they are working on some developments and improvements of the Flipkart Affiliate Program. That’s why they closed their registration. You can go there and see if they started it or not.

Overview of Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate
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This will going to work similar as Amazon Affiliate. To get commission you need to sale any product from Flipkart.

Commission rate:-

  • Books = 6-12%
  • EBooks = 6-12%
  • Mobiles = Upto 5%
  • Computers = Upto 6%
  • Toys = 6-20%
  • Cameras = Upto 4%

[Things to Remember – You are not going to receive any referral payouts (affiliate commission) for purchases done on the following: Flipkart First subscription, Value Added Services, iOS & Windows App Installs (both Direct as well as Fallback), or any other products/services/categories notified by Flipkart.]

Affiliate Tools

Product Links and Banners

Flipkart Affiliate
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It’s easy to build Flipkart product links & banners and earn money. When you add these links or banners to your webpage / mobile app, and the visitors on your page or app click on them, you earn commission on all their purchases.

  • You can create links & banners to a specific product on Flipkart that you think is best to showcase on your website / mobile app.
  • Your links will include your affiliate id, and you will get paid for eligible orders coming through this link.

Promotional Banners & Widgets

Promotional banners and widgets
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Flipkart Widgets and Banners bring dynamic, rich content to your website or mobile app. You’ll be able to customize your widget, and Flipkart will provide the HTML for you to use on your site.

  • You can increase engagement with your users through up-to-date & interactive content.
  • Customizable and auto-tagged with your affiliate id
  • Easy to add & attractive.

Search Tools

Search tools
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Let your visitors use Flipkart’s powerful search tool (Search Widget or Search Bar) to continue their journey from your website / mobile app to find and explore exciting products from Flipkart

  • You can choose from the search tool that best suits your mobile app/webpage layout.
  • There will be better conversion rates through relevant product searches that best match the keyword.


Find out how to tap into the Flipkart marketplace with Flipkart API. APIs provide access to Flipkart’s product catalog so that developers can promote Flipkart products and can monetize their mobile app or website. (The APIs are currently in beta mode)

  • You will get access to millions of Flipkart products in all categories.
  • Promote Flipkart products using product search and look up capability, product information and other features
  • Detailed documentation & Support of Flipkart Technical cast help you to integrate Flipkart APIs and present this information in a customized format.

If you want to know when Flipkart Affiliate program sign up will start then contact them through their contact us page.

If you have any idea that when they will open their doors then please tell us in the comment section.

Offer for Everyone

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Give us all your reviews about this topic if you know something more than please let us know from the comment section. Your one comment helps a lot of Indian students to make money. From now onward, everyone is going to know “How to make money online in India for students.”

Flipkart Affiliate Program
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Written by -Naman Agarwal
Hi, I am Naman Agarwal the owner of NalFrost. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Telegram Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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