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Does Content Length still affect SEO?

By-Naman Agarwal

August 16, 2020

The Author Manish Kumar is founder of LetsBinform

Hi, Today I am going to tell you the hidden magic of SEO and content length. You must have heard the terms SEO and Content. But I believe you are not much aware of the amazing power of these things.

SEO is like a magic stick and when it combines with the amazing lengthy Content. It becomes the unbreakable magic.

SEO does everything for you from increasing traffic to increasing the domain authority of your website. 

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In fact, SEO is a very powerful technique to reach your targeted audience. It makes you reach the first page of the search engine result.

But, before understanding, what does SEO do? You must understand why SEO is required and the concept and usage of SEO first.

Why SEO is required?

On an average, more than 20 million posts are posted on the internet daily and very few of they got the user views, in fact, millions of post do not even get a single user view.

So it is like a cut-throat competition and to cross this competition and get more user views SEO is required. Actually, Google has its own algorithm to rank or out-rank a website and cope-up with that algorithm SEO is required.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By the full form, it means optimizing your content or article in respect to search engine*. SEO sends a positive signal to Google.

Search Engine- it is a platform of the internet where you type your query and get the answers. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. But when we say Google it means search engine. Because more than 60% of searches are done on Google.

So that you get the organically max quality and quantity traffic on your blog post. In fact, the quality and quantity of traffic play a vital role in reaching the first page on Google.

Quality Traffic – It means if the user reach to your blog post for the right search. For example, if a user searches “Bed” and reach to your blog which has the content related to “Bed” then it is quality traffic. Because Google tells the user that this blog post has great and best-related content.

Quantity Traffic – It means you are capturing a big portion of the monthly search number of a query on Google.

  • Organic Traffic– The traffic comes to your blog without any advertisement.

Now you must be thinking of how this Quality traffic will come to your blog post. It is a part of SEO which sends the signal to Google that this blog post is related to the search query.

So now we understand what is SEO and why it is important.  Let’s discuss the SEO in a bit more details Activities in SEO and their importance.

Types of SEO

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO terms auto-suggest the meaning that making on page optimization.

The things you should do in on-page SEO

  • Make the best keyword research
  • Create Amazing content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Description
  • PermaLink
  1. Make the best keyword research – It means to search a wonderful keyword that has good search volume with very low competition so that you can rank easily.
  2. Create Amazing Content – In-depth information with great user experience is the only key that makes the user hook up for long on your blog post. So always create amazing and worthy content.
  3.  Keyword Stuffing – Writing an article with more than 2000+ words but it has not the targeted keyword or if have then everywhere is the keyword. Both cases send a negative signal to Google. Which ultimately shows a negative result for a blog post.
  4. Meta Tags – Always tag related tags on your post.
  5. Meta Description – Meta description or search description both are the same. And it is an important factor to send a signal to Google about the content of the post. The Meta A description or search description must include the targeted keyword.
  6. PermaLink – It means the URL address of the blog post. And it must also include the targeted keyword.

In summation, the On-Page technique refers to make all possible efforts to send the signal to Google. It shows Google, that this blog post has all content related to a search query on Google.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO means making all efforts to bring quality traffic and making domain authority to your websites.

  • Backlink
  • Social Media Presence
  • E-mail Subscriber
  • Newsletter or Press Release


The only golden rule to increase your trust for your website is Backlink. The higher the trusted websites give you a link then higher the chances of your ranking.

Backlink has Two Types

Do-Follow link

In simple words it means the website giving you the link is instructing the google crawler to crawl your website too. And it also means that it is also passing the link juice which will help you to increase some trust of your website.

No-Follow link

It is like a completely the reverse concept of Do- follow backlink. It means you will just get the traffic and no instruction to Google’s crawler and link juice.

Now you must be thinking that only a Do-follow link should be created as it is the one who increases the domain authority of your website. But actually not, both link building is important. In fact, there is a ratio that should be followed while creating a backlink.

Social Media Presence

Your website must have a social media presence because now google also keeps an eye on that. And even keeps the traffic inflow too.

E-mail Subscriber

Your Email Subscriber list is a golden key too. If you have an email list of 1000 people and you shoot an email of new posts to them. And suppose 300-400 of them instantly open the post and read. It will surely increase the ranking of your article.

NewsLetter or Press Release

It is like an amazing technique. Your press release or newspaper ultimately increase the domain authority and of course, it brings the traffic too.

So till now I believe you must have understood the meaning and Usage of SEO and some techniques of SEO too.

In above the section we mentioned about the content too, in fact not just content it must be amazing content

Is Content-Length a King?

The old is gold Sentence “Content is King” and yes this sentence is still true and will be forever. Your content decides whether you will rank or outrank.

The amazing quality content will auto attract the visitors and backlinks too.

Content is king
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But from few times amazing content definition has a bit changed now amazing content just not means a very beautiful full of information very short written article.

In fact, now the article should be at least 2000+ words because now user wants to have more detailed info if they search anything on Google they try to get more detailed information.

According to SERPIQ the articles that rank on top 10 places have average 2000+ words.

Benefits of Long Content

Get More Back Link

Get More Back Links- According to a research lengthy content has more chances of getting a backlink, do you know why? Because everyone wants to deliver more information to their user so just a hyperlink delivers the more information to their users.

Gets More Social Share

According to the survey, the longer content has more chances of getting social shares because it looks good for everyone.

Get Frequent Ranking

Google Rank brain Artificial Intelligence tool rewards longer content with ranking. In fact, it prefers longer content over short content.

Increase Dwell Time

It takes more time to read 2000+ words than 1000+. So exactly this is the dwell time. The user spends on your blog. So higher the dwell time higher the positive signals to Google.

User Satisfaction

It has been observed in researches that long content has more power to satisfy the user. Which resolves all queries of the user.

More Referral Traffic

As it has more power to get social shares which ultimately brings more referral traffic and even from backlink it gets more traffic.

Decrease Bounce Rate

If you are getting a high bounce rate then you must need lengthy content. Because lengthy content decreases the bounce rate. The bounce rate means how frequently a user getting out of your blog. The higher the bounce rate lower the ranking. So always keep an eye on that.


Last few years the internet has changed so dramatically even Google too. Google has become more smart and efficient in making choices of best articles and ranking them. SEO helps you to send positive signals to Google but it is all in vain if your content is not good.

Google always prefer the long content just not because of its lengthiness in fact because of its user satisfaction ability and more depth information that it can share which ultimately help the users to resolve its query and he/she does not need to go anywhere else for it.

So finally we can say “SEO is Magic with Long Content”

Content is the king
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Written by -Naman Agarwal
Hi, I am Naman Agarwal the owner of NalFrost. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Telegram Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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